Consistent, reliable output, especially in bulk manufacturing, is assured through a rigorous implementation of quality standards. Our metrology lab tests materials when procured and then at each stage of the process, rejecting those that do not conform to precise specifications. The finished products undergo batch sampling for destructive and non-destructive, exacting quality tests to assure zero defects in each item that leaves our premises. QC equipment include metallurgical microscope with image analyzer, video measuring system, profile projector and hardness tester.

We identify each customer’s unique requirement and utilize all our reources to fit their parameters about quality, cost and timely deliveries with in-built flexibility and adapt to evolve according to their requirements.

Our surface finishing process is eco-friendly and includes heat treatments, heat resistant paint shop, zinc plating, powder coating, ED coating and nickel-chrome plating.

Quality Objective

  • Consistently deliver quality product on complex  specification, contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Offer cost-effective solution and timely  completion and thereby earn customer satisfaction.
  • Motivation and training of staff is the key for continuous improvement of quality standards.
  • We follow Global standards by updating and implementing the procedures.

Quality Control Visual Measuring


Quality Parameters

Description Capicity Nos.
Visual Measuring Machine 200 x 150 x 150 mm 1
Roughness Tester Ra 0.5 – 10, Rz 0.1 – 50 1
Surface Table 500 x 500 1
Caliper 0 – 25 mm 2
25 – 50 mm 1
50 – 75 mm 1
Varnier 5
Height Gauge 1
Other required instruments

Technical Specifications

Magnification Default 11 – 67X
2x Lens : 22 – 134X
Wrokstage Size 375 x 220 mm
Measueing Travels 200 x 150 x 150 mm
Job Weight 5 / 25 Kg
Linear Scales 0.5 Micros non contact tape encoders
Accuracy 1 Micron
Motion Control Joy stic for 3 + 1 (free ) axis control.
Fully-automated CNC with Auto-Focus
Touch Probe Renishaw 3 Axis touch Probe with 1 Micron accuracy
Software Features Fixed, Flexible, Scan
Geometric Tools Standard Shapes: Point, Line, Circle, Arc, Plane, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone
DRO Standard on screen with Reset, User Coordinate Systems, Polar Coordinates

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