Understanding the importance of manufacturing’s infrastructure, to remain competitive, provide better products to its customers, increase its customer base, and develop new business areas, WEC identifies and supplies each customer’s unique requirements with an integrated set of products and services that fit cost, timeliness, and functional requirements and that are flexible enough to evolve with changes in the customer’s needs.

The WEC’s Infrastructure is set up to develop advanced manufacturing systems, advanced enterprise concepts, engineering tools, manufacturing processes and equipment, product design and modeling (with the help of our associates ), to cut time to market and to integrate product and system design, manufacturing, and testing.

Press Lines WEC expertise in sheet metal parts manufacturing is unparalleled. WEC has enough pressing capacity to consume 500 Tons of material of different grade and sizes. We are able to handle material thickness from 0.2 mm to 10 mm of all grades of material.

Wire Forming WEC  is the biggest producer of Stainless Steel wire rings for Heavy Trucks Turbo Charger Hoses producing appx. 10 million rings annually in different sizes and grades, especially Stainless Steel.

Surface Treatment To enhance customer convenience and provide unified solutions under one roof, WEC Group possesses team of associates with state of the art surface treatment facilities comprising of heat resistant paint shop, automated differential zinc plating, Powder coating, ED costing and tri nickel chrome plating. The surface treatment facilities are eco friendly. This is an indication of the company desire to maintained its edge and efficiency in technology.

Designing WEC  fully capable of implementing design changes to meet the unique requirements of the customers. The participation of WEC’s engineers in product design activities at OEM is another giant leap forward. WEC Group takes pride in its strategic achievements and strives to further consolidate its position as a company that delivers quality products, which are engineered to meet exacting standards the world over.